2024. 03 Selected as an excellent smart factory supplier by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2023

2024. 01 Smart water treatment system and its construction method


2023. 11 Received the grand prize in the environmental service category from the National Assembly, Trade, Energy, Small and Medium Venture Business Committee

2023. 10 Re-certification as a technologically innovative small and medium-sized business (INNO-BIZ)

2023. 09 Environmental AI Big Data Category for Korea's 4th Industry Leading Company

2023. 09 Groundbreaking Ceremony for Daegu Headquarters Relocation

2023. 08 Moved to current office building in Yangjae-dong

2023. 08 Ministry of Science and ICT Intelligent Active Administration Public Support Project Matching Service (PAMs) Cloud Computing Service (SaaS) Certification

2023. 06 Selected as a Demand-based Carbon Neutral Water Technology Demonstration Project

2023. 05 Acquired patent for search and counting method and device for automobile interior and exterior parts

2023. 05 Selected as a small but strong business by the Ministry of Employment and Labor

2023. 05 Current co-CEOs Kim Tae-jin and Ahn Tae-Uk inaugurated

2023. 04 2023 Brand Power Awards Environmental AI Big Data Category 

2023. 02 GI VISION Trademark Registration

2023. 02 GI Water Trademark Registration


2022. 07 ATC+ designation (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

2022. 07 Korea Trade Statistics Institute Customs Commissioner's Award

2022. 06 Intelligent Active Administration Public Assistance Project Matching Service Challenges

2022. 04 Introducing an on-device AI-powered automotive parts detection and counting solution 


2021. 07 Established Chungcheongnam-do branch

2021. 04 Acquired 'AAA grade' in technology evaluation by Korea Technology Finance Corporation

2021. 03 Developed smart energy management system for water treatment plants


2020. 12 Selected as an Excellent Corporation R&D Center by the Ministry of Science and ICT

2020. 12 Plant Engineering Big Data Platform Consulting

2020. 10 Acquired Technology Innovation Type Small and Medium Business (INNO-BIZ) (Top 5% AA rating)

2020. 08 Awarded the Korea Sustainable Development Innovation Leader in the small and medium-sized enterprise category

2020. 08 Built a smart factory based on a big data platform

2020. 08 Developed air care system for livestock farms using AI

2020. 04 Acquired certificate of Excellent Technical Achievement

2020. 04 Selected for information communication and broadcasting R&D project as an artificial intelligence company

2020. 01 Obtained a patent on ‘Method and apparatus for bankruptcy prediction using synthetic feature generation’


2019. 11 Developed AI-based autonomous operation system for water facility

2019. 11 Developed ventilation type smart air purifier control system

2019. 06 Report on R&D service business

2019. 05 Certified as a member of the Venture Business Association


2018. 12 Built IOT-based big data analysis platform

2018. 12 Received a commendation from the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Startups

2018. 12 Changed the name of company to Bizdata Co., Ltd.

2018. 10 Receivable recovery support system for medium-small enterprise account receivable bond decrease and bad debt prevention based on big data

2018. 09 Selected for an innovative technology development project for small and medium-sized enterprises

2018. 04 Obtained a patent on ‘Institutional support program matching system for corporate growth diagnosis, and operation method for the same’


2017. 03 Started real-time data-based market information service


2016. 11 Established corporate R&D center

2016. 07 Changed the name of company to SC Platform Co., Ltd.


2015. 12 Developed smart service interlocking location-based intelligence application service


2014. 12 Developed PaaS-type B2B service platform

2014. 06 Established Seoul Consulting Partners

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